How to Find Tranquility

I Breathe Fresh air fills my lungs My body sinks into the earth   Water dances on the rocks Birds sing a song of joy The breeze floats through me My thoughts drift by   Rays of sunshine warm my skin My soul is free   I melt into the beauty Love reflected back to me Infinite with all that is Being peace and calm   Tranquility.   Tranquility can be defined as being free from agitation of mind and spirit. Essentially, having peace of mind. Tranquility is a state of being,… Read More

Protecting Your Energy

Do you feel drained at the end of the day? When you get home is your energy spent? Today you encountered Sally, who talked your ear off about all her problems. You watched the news and again, disaster. Negativity is surrounding us every day, being thrown in our face constantly. With so much from the outside world pushing into our energy field, it is our duty to cleanse our energy so that we may vibrate higher. When we vibrate higher, the world around us is forced to as well. Protecting your energy… Read More

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