We teach you how to heal your body from the inside out.

Learn how to:

Clear your mind.

Bring more peace into your life.

Live your best life, flowing with energy.

Be more open to love and abundance.

Live a pain free life.

Accept yourself for the divine being that you innately are!

and much much more



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Offering a diverse menu of Services and Events:

Intuitive Bodywork

Spiritual Guidance & Counseling

Light Activation Healing

Angel Readings

Nutritional and Healthy Lifestyle Guidance

Detoxification Programs and Body Wraps



natasha-final-1Hey there, I’m Natasha, founder of Nirvana Healing Center. I always dreamed of a beautiful, relaxing space where I could do my work in a healing environment and enhance the experience of my clients. In September 2015, I opened up the center, striving to create a loving and nurturing sanctuary in the heart of San Jose, where clients can come and feel safe letting go of life’s stresses, rejuvenate, and even get clear guidance on their next steps in life. Nirvana Healing Center is a community of alternative health care professionals and clients where we come together to learn, experience and grow together… Read More


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“My system is highly receptive to Natasha’s healing, both physical and energetic… Her massage combines energy healing too… Light Activation has allowed me to be open and allow a deeper level of healing to flow.  I feel attuned with divine order.”
– CS, San Jose, CA

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