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It’s time to remember who you really are, not who others have told you to be. You are a powerful infinite being, stand in your power confidently.” – Chantelle Renee

Sister Circle – New Moon in Libra

Come and gather with women, to share our wisdom and grow in spirit. This new moon we will look at balance – where it is lacking and how do we empower or restore it? The Libra New Moon encourages us to notice the beauty that is all around us and to appreciate it, to allow it to inspire us as well as encourage us to cultivate more beauty in our lives.

Please bring your journal and something to write with. We do sit on the floor so if you need to, please bring pillows to sit on as well.

Wednesday, October 10 @ 6:30pm

Recommended Donation: $10


Empath Support Group

Wednesday, October 3 @ 6:30pm

Join other empaths in discussion on how to live and thrive as an empath.


Freedom & Sovereignty Script

Saturday, October 13th at 2pm

The Freedom and Sovereignty clearing script is a Very Powerful self-clearing tool. It can help you to gain clarity and energy and help you to be your best self. The script can be used anytime you are feeling “off” or less than your best. It is a form of spiritual hygiene and can help you get the most out of your self-care and healing processes. People who use it report feelings of clarity, spaciousness, and peacefulness. Better vision or increased depth of color have also been reported. Daily use can significantly strengthen your aura.

The class is FREE, and handouts will be available on the day of, or by email request anytime.

Email shannonhernandezcmt@gmail.com to RSVP



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