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Reiki Training – All Levels

Group or Individual Reiki Training Available. Upcoming classes posted to Eventbrite or email to request individual training or find out about future classes not yet posted.

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Empath Support Group

Every Other Wednesday @ 6:30pm

Join other empaths in discussion on how to live and thrive as an empath. Click Here for More Information on Empaths

Women’s Circle

Every New Moon and Full Moon

Since ancient times, women have been coming together in circle, to learn, grow and transform together. These gatherings have strengthened bonds and created communities through offering a space for women to connect with their authentic truth and each other. In many communities in our modern world, we’ve lost touch with this sacred ritual of connection and community. It is time to ignite and unify Sister Circles together!

Choosing to participate in this way is a powerful gift to yourself and to our community; it can be both personally impactful and deeply nourishing.

Let us all join hands. Your presence and participation creates a new era of the way women relate to each other.

Pillow or something to sit on, we will be sitting in a circle on the floor.
Any crystals you have that you feel called to bring.
Your Journal.
Invite Friends!

$10-$15 per person

Essential Oil Classes

Monthly on a Variety of Topics


Freedom & Sovereignty Script

Occurs One Saturday Each Month

The Freedom and Sovereignty clearing script is a Very Powerful self-clearing tool. It can help you to gain clarity and energy and help you to be your best self. The script can be used anytime you are feeling “off” or less than your best. It is a form of spiritual hygiene and can help you get the most out of your self-care and healing processes. People who use it report feelings of clarity, spaciousness, and peacefulness. Better vision or increased depth of color have also been reported. Daily use can significantly strengthen your aura.

The class is FREE, and handouts will be available on the day of, or by email request anytime.

Email to RSVP

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