Follow Your Heart

I find myself where I am today because I follow my heart. They say that if something excites you and scares you at the same time, you should probably do it. This has been true for me, following my heart has been one of the scariest things I have ever done in my life. It has also been exciting and rewarding, by following my heart I have learned so much. My heart is always guiding me to new places and new experiences. I have learned that following my heart sometimes means a… Read More

How to Use Self Care and Mindfulness to Cope with Trauma and Move Forward

How do you use mindfulness and self-care to help you deal with trauma and move forward? If you are in crisis, it is important to seek support and make sure that your basic needs are being met. Healing starts with restoring our sense of safety and nourishing our physical bodies. Develop awareness – learn to be an observer of yourself and your life. You can do this by paying attention to your physical body. Breath deeply and notice what you feel. Do you have pain in your body? Why is that pain… Read More

Protection, Cleansing, and Clearing Your Energy

Everything is energy. Quantum physics show us that everything in the universe is energy and electrical currents. Electrons behave like waves in a sea of energy. Emotions are energy in motion. Our personal energy is composed of our physical body and our bio-energetic field or our aura. When our energy is low we feel run down, lethargic, sick and depressed. When our energy is high we are happy and vibrant with lots of energy to burn. Our energy is easily influenced by those around us, the emotions we feel, and how we… Read More

DISASTER: Restoring Balance and Community

In the wake of the disasters of the past two months, you may find yourself experiencing symptoms of trauma. Know that these symptoms are common and can be experienced by anyone, not just by those directly affected by the event. In fact, now, with the connection we all have through media and the internet, in a way causes us all to be directly affected by the events. We worry about our family and friends, we see the horrific events happening before us, and being human, we feel the pain of others. After… Read More

Transforming Negative Energy in Your Home

Do you ever walk into a room and feel a bad vibe? Your gut drops and you wonder what could be causing you to just feel bad all of a sudden. Each of us has an energy field surrounding us that can absorb outside emotions and energy as we go about our day. With so many toxic people and energies around us every day, it is important to have a space to come home to that is positive and allows us to refresh and refill our energy stores. Below are 7 ways… Read More

Meet Your Spirit Guides!

What are spirit guides? Spirit Guides are ethereal beings that help us along our life journey. Some Spirit Guides stay within us during our entire life’s journey and others come to assist us in specific areas and events in our lives. There are a myriad of possible Spirit Guides out there. A few of the most popular include: source, angels, ascended masters, wise men and women, star-beings, and elemental. Because Spirit Guides are multi-dimensional, they can be with many people at the same time. How do I connect with my spirit guides?… Read More

How to Heal Painful Emotions (Worry, Anxiety, Sadness, Guilt, etc.)

One of the biggest steps to healing is self-expression. In this article, I share some of my experience with suppressing emotions and the tools that I have learned to bring them to the surface and heal them. You are not alone. In your life, you may find it difficult to express your emotions. This has been something I have struggled with, but I learned that we are part of this human experience, to face the world around us, the good and the bad. We are meant to see the world and have… Read More

Be You! Beautiful, Successful, Wonderful You.

Too often, people come to me and say, “I’m always worried about what others think of me” or “I’m just not good enough.” There are so many of these thoughts, beliefs, and fears that run through so many of us. These things only hold us back from our fullest potential. Even I struggle, I fear not being accepted and even being persecuted by others for my “weirdness.” I  mean, lets face it, not everyone decides to make spirituality and the art of healing their purpose and life path. Energy healing, crystals, and… Read More

Align Yourself to What You Want

I want to start this blog with a little bit of backstory, because I want to share my experience with you, in hopes that maybe some way you can relate and find inspiration. This year has been an insane roller coaster for me. Literally, my whole life has flipped itself on its head and taught me lesson after lesson. I’m learning that I’m not the same person I was a year ago, or four years ago, or the person from my past at all. In fact, I find that I am redefining… Read More

3 Reasons Why We Don’t Take Care of Ourselves and Why We Should

Let’s be honest, life is full of excuses not to do things. Too often, I see people put themselves on the back burner while they are overworked and stressed. In Silicon Valley, we loose balance in our lives easily as we live in a high stress, go, go, go mentality. I’ve heard countless reasons people don’t take care of themselves and I think its time for that to change. Even if all you can find is 15 minutes in a day, take it and use it. That being said, here are 5… Read More