8 Steps for Discovering Your Passions and Purpose In Order to Find Yourself

Have you ever found yourself questioning your purpose in life? Wondering why you are here and what you are meant to do. As humans we need a reason for being, our life journey is all about discovering our purpose and learning how to fulfill it. A person’s purpose is ever evolving, we can find our purpose in many different areas in our life. Some people find meaning in being a parent, by the work that they do, or by contributing to a charity in some way. My life, has certainly always been… Read More

3 Steps to Let Go of What is Holding You Back

I have found myself pretty quiet over the last few months. It has been a great time of transition this year. I find myself and many others going through endings and new beginnings. This has really been the energy of the cosmos this year, learning to reset and go with the flow. While we are brought closer and closer to our higher purpose. Many of us not knowing where we are being led and following seemingly blindly. The months of June and July especially brought about the endings of many cycles. We were forced… Read More

8 Steps for Getting Into and Staying in Alignment!

Do you feel unclear, foggy, stuck, or like you can’t see what’s next for you? Here are 7 things to start doing RIGHT NOW to help! If you’re not getting what you want in life, if things seem harder for you, if you feel confused and stuck, then you are probably out of alignment. What is alignment? Alignment is pleasure, it is your natural state of being. Life is meant to be easy and enjoyable for us. Alignment takes practice, it is something that we need to be mindful of every day…. Read More

Stop Doubt in Its Tracks!

Self-doubt gets in the way BIG time of us reaching our goals! For us to truly have what we want we have to believe in it, we have to believe in ourselves and believe that it can be true for us! The purpose of doubt is to show us contrast, to shine light on what our fears and beliefs are that have held us back. You wouldn’t doubt it if you didn’t want it! All manifestation starts with a thought, then we speak about it and write about it, we call it… Read More

Three Tips to Get Crystal Clear and Focused!

✨ Identify your goals and values: What is your number one goal currently? What do you value most in your life and is your life aligned with that? How can you prioritize accomplishing this goal? What are three things you can do today to accomplish that goal? ✨ Set boundaries: Let go of your need to please others and doing everything for everyone else. It’s okay to say no. Incorporate doing something for yourself every single day, even if its something small. ✨ Let go of the need to be perfect, making… Read More

Stop being a victim and step into your power!

I’m calling you out! It’s time to stop being a victim and step into your power! Part of my healing journey was shifting from being a victim to stepping into my power. By stepping into my power I mean allowing myself to be fully myself. That means accepting every part of who I am, the good and the bad. That meant choosing something better for myself and realizing that I had the power to choose my thought and my beliefs. When I made a conscious choice to be me, quirky, spiritual, a… Read More

Why are you afraid of having something good?

So often, we fear having something good come into our lives. We stay with what is familiar, with what is safe. When something good presents itself, like the perfect opportunity, we get scared because, “It’s too good to be true”. When we live in fear we miss opportunities, when they are all around us. Guess what though? Life gets to be good! You can dream big and have all of the things that you want! Part of what is so scary of letting good things come in, is that it also means… Read More

How to Use Self Care and Mindfulness to Cope with Trauma and Move Forward

How do you use mindfulness and self-care to help you deal with trauma and move forward? If you are in crisis, it is important to seek support and make sure that your basic needs are being met. Healing starts with restoring our sense of safety and nourishing our physical bodies. Develop awareness – learn to be an observer of yourself and your life. You can do this by paying attention to your physical body. Breath deeply and notice what you feel. Do you have pain in your body? Why is that pain… Read More

Protection, Cleansing, and Clearing Your Energy

Everything is energy. Quantum physics show us that everything in the universe is energy and electrical currents. Electrons behave like waves in a sea of energy. Emotions are energy in motion. Our personal energy is composed of our physical body and our bio-energetic field or our aura. When our energy is low we feel run down, lethargic, sick and depressed. When our energy is high we are happy and vibrant with lots of energy to burn. Our energy is easily influenced by those around us, the emotions we feel, and how we… Read More

How Trauma Affects the Body and It’s Energetic Systems

What is Trauma? Trauma is any extraordinarily stressful event that shatters your sense of security, they often leave you feeling helpless. Traumatic experiences can threaten your life or safety but they don’t have to. Anything that leaves you feeling overwhelmed and isolated can be traumatic. Traumatic events can cause physical harm but they don’t have to. They can also affect our emotional and psychological state. Your subjective emotional experience of an event determines whether an event is traumatic, NOT the objective facts. Trauma leaves scars to the physical, emotional, and psychological being… Read More

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