A deeper look at Light Activation

Light Activation is a profound experience where you dive into the core of who you are. You probably believe that you have a higher purpose and that there is more to life than our mundane, daily lives. There is something that keeps us going, I like to think of this being God or Source, some call it Buddha or Allah, and many other names. We may not agree on what to call it or how it works, but deep inside we believe in something. With Light Activation I am helping you to… Read More

Align Yourself to What You Want

I want to start this blog with a little bit of backstory, because I want to share my experience with you, in hopes that maybe some way you can relate and find inspiration. This year has been an insane roller coaster for me. Literally, my whole life has flipped itself on its head and taught me lesson after lesson. I’m learning that I’m not the same person I was a year ago, or four years ago, or the person from my past at all. In fact, I find that I am redefining… Read More

3 Reasons Why We Don’t Take Care of Ourselves and Why We Should

Let’s be honest, life is full of excuses not to do things. Too often, I see people put themselves on the back burner while they are overworked and stressed. In Silicon Valley, we loose balance in our lives easily as we live in a high stress, go, go, go mentality. I’ve heard countless reasons people don’t take care of themselves and I think its time for that to change. Even if all you can find is 15 minutes in a day, take it and use it. That being said, here are 5… Read More

You are not alone.

You may have noticed that this week has had an uneasy and unknown energy to it. You may feel like the world seems to be crashing in around you. I want you to know, you are not alone! Collectively the world is going through some pretty heavy things right now. We have an election at hand that seems pretty dismal and negativity is constantly being thrown in our face. Each day I hear about more struggles that each of my clients and friends are having. I can even tell  you myself, that… Read More

What is Reality?

Reality simply defined is “the state or quality of having existence or substance.” But have you ever wondered “What is reality?” I have, it’s a question I ask myself almost everyday. And it’s a subject that has been coming up for me a lot lately. I decided a long time ago that “reality” is not the same for everyone. We each are individuals and we experience things so differently. Even the reality of the people closest to me doesn’t really match my reality and I don’t expect it to. For instance, I… Read More

My Spiritual Awakening

Reiki has been an adventure for me from the very start. It was the beginning of my spiritual re-awakening. The beginning of me unlocking gifts that I always innately had. Throughout my life, I was never the most intelligent and I never seemed to really fit in. Behind the scenes, I always in my head, pondering things and observing the world form what felt like a distance. I never seemed to see things the way others did. To me, it always seemed like there had to be something bigger, more than what… Read More

About Us

At Nirvana Healing Center our experienced team help you to discover the source of your pain and heal it.  Each of our experienced healing practitioners brings their own special gifts to the table to help you on your healing journey. We offer a variety of services to fit your needs. From clinical massage for the physical body to Reiki for the emotional and spiritual bodies, we help you heal from the inside out.