Chakra Five: The Throat Chakra (Vissudha)

Color: Bright Blue Location: Throat Element: Sound Crystals: Aquamarine, Celestite, Blue Lace Agate, Sodalite, Turquoise Essential Oils: Lavender, Oregano Affirmations: I am speaking clearly and truthfully with grace and ease. I hear and speak the truth. I express myself with clear intent. Creativity flows in and through me. My voice is necessary. A balanced throat chakra: The throat chakra in balance allows us to speak and be heard. We can listen to others and respond well. Our individuality is fully expressed, as is our truth. We have the ability to accurately communicate… Read More

Chakra Four: The Heart Chakra (Anahata)

Color: Green Location: chest, heart Element: Air   Crystals: Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine, Emerald   Essential Oils: Rose, Thyme, Ylang Ylang, Calming Blend (Serenity), Joyful Blend (Elevation), Respiratory Blend (Breathe)   Affirmations: I am giving and receiving love effortlessly and unconditionally. I am worthy of love. I am loving to myself and others. There is an infinite supply of love. I live in balance with others.   A balanced heart chakra: The heart chakra is driven by the need for love. This chakra is the center for balance in all things, it… Read More

Chakra Three: The Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura)

Color: Yellow Location: directly below the sternum and over the stomach Element: Fire Crystals: Amber, Golden Topaz, Sunstone, Citrine, Yellow Calcite Essential Oils: Coriander, Fennel, Ginger, Grapefruit, Digestive Blend (DigestZen), Metabolic Blend (Slim & Sassy), Topical Blend (HD Clear) Affirmations: I am powerful, confident, and successful in all my ventures. I honor the power within me. I accomplish tasks easily and effortlessly. The fire within me burns through all blocks and fears. I can do whatever I will to do. A balanced solar plexus chakra: The solar plexus is the center of personal identity and rules all… Read More

Chakra Two: The Sacral Chakra (Svadhisthana)

Color: Orange Location: 2” below the navel Element: Water   Crystals: Clear Quartz, Citrine, Orange Calcite   Essential Oils: Wild Orange, Cypress, Invigorating Blend (Citrus Bliss), Women’s Blend (Whisper)   Affirmations: I am authentically creating a life free of stress and full of bliss. I deserve pleasure in my life. I absorb information from my feelings. I embrace and celebrate my sexuality. My sexuality is sacred. I move easily and effortlessly. Life is pleasurable.   A balanced sacral chakra: The sacral chakra governs our physical body, it depends on our health and… Read More

Chakra One: The Root Chakra (Muladhara)

Color: Red Location: Base of Spine Element: Earth   Crystals: Red Jasper, Black Tourmaline, Azurite, Smoky Quartz   Essential Oils: Balance (Grounding Blend), OnGuard (Protective Blend), Deep Blue (Soothing Blend)   Affirmations: I am a divine being of light. I am peaceful, protected, and secure. It is safe for me to be here. The earth supports me and meets my needs. I love my body and trust its wisdom. I am immersed in abundance. I’m here and I’m real.   A balanced root chakra: The root chakra is built on trust, patience,… Read More

The Chakra System

Chakras are energy centers located on the body.  We have many different chakras, but there are seven main chakras.  Each of the seven chakras govern different systems of the body and relate to various physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual factors.  the chakras are a cone shape and generally rotate in a clockwise direction.  Some people also visualize the chakra as spherical in shape.  Our chakras can become over active or under active if there is not enough or to much energy flowing through them.  These energy centers can become out of balance… Read More

Crystals and Essential Oils for Love

Geranium is the oil of love and trust. It encourages emotional honesty, love, and forgiveness and fosters receptivity to human love and connection. Geranium can help to open the heart and can help support in healing emotions. Rose is the oil of divine love and is the highest vibrating oil. This oil invites you to experience the unconditional love of the divine. It restores you to authenticity, wholeness, and purity. Use this oil to assist in opening the heart so love can flow freely. The Comforting Blend or Console helps those who… Read More

Forgiveness – An Act of Self-Love

True love is self-love, our world is a reflection of our inner sleeves, so when we are able to generate self-love we open our world to ALL love. One of the biggest things we can do for ourselves is to go through the process of forgiveness. A process of letting go. So often, we hold onto the past. Feelings of anger and resentment bottles up inside us. Pain gathers up inside of us. When we hold onto the past, we relive our pain over and over again. As we do so, the… Read More

How to Manifest Love

I am sure you all have heard of the Law of Attraction and the rule that what you think you attract. This is true in every aspect of our lives. Especially in a partner. Everyone pf us has a different set of needs: some want a partner to go on adventures with, a companion to cook with or share a love of literature, etc. If you don’t have that companion, love or partner yet you might be overwhelmed with the idea of where to even start on the journey of finding someone… Read More

Outshining Fear with Love

One of my teaches told me “there are only two things, fear and love”. All our emotions either stem from fear or love. Unfortunately, much of the world today is dominated by fear. Fear surrounds. We see it on the news, on social media, every day we encounter fear. Much of these fears come up as “not enough”/ We believe that we will never have, be, do or experience enough. Enough money, enough love, enough joy etc. We allow painful experiences from the past to dominate our thinking and responses in the… Read More