About Us

Nirvana Healing Center, formerly known as Nirvana Massage was established in 2014 by Natasha Olson. In 2015 we relocated and expanded to our current location.

Nirvana Healing Center has transformed over the years. Starting as a single provider, single service operation to expanding to becoming a fully functioning center for healing in San Jose. We now offer Intuitive Bodywork (our own specialized modality of massage) and Energy Healing Services. In addition, we are a collective, providing space for many different members who offer a variety of services and classes. You can read more about the different providers and their services here.

Because we are tucked away off the street in an office complex, Nirvana Healing Center offers a peaceful, quiet escape from the hustle of the Bay Area. One of the first things you will notice walking in the door is the peaceful environment. Come early and take some time to peruse and have a few moments of silence prior to your appointment.

What makes us different? Nirvana Healing Center is dedicated to building genuine relationships so that we can provide optimal solutions. Each practitioner is an expert in their field, has the natural gifts needed to care for others, and has the resources and the network to help you achieve your desired results. We prioritize self-care, so that we can help you figure out your own self-care needs. When you come into Nirvana Healing Center you are not just coming for a massage but are coming for total body, mind, and soul revival.

Each of the services we provide is completely customized to your needs. We appreciate your feedback and 100% guarantee you will be satisfied with your experience.

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