8 Steps for Discovering Your Passions and Purpose In Order to Find Yourself

Have you ever found yourself questioning your purpose in life? Wondering why you are here and what you are meant to do. As humans we need a reason for being, our life journey is all about discovering our purpose and learning how to fulfill it.

A person’s purpose is ever evolving, we can find our purpose in many different areas in our life. Some people find meaning in being a parent, by the work that they do, or by contributing to a charity in some way.

My life, has certainly always been a search for deeper meaning. Doing what I am passionate about is so important to me. To me, the only thing I can do is what I love. In some ways, I got lucky because I discovered my path at a young age. At the same time, my purpose has been evolving and changing along that journey and I am always discovering how I can better serve my purpose. Allowing it to evolve, as I grow and learn.

When you aren’t living a purposeful life, you feel stuck, like there’s no way out of your current situation. You know something is missing and yet you’re afraid to change, so you keep on living the same mundane life. While numbing out your existence and the pain of facing the truth. You always talk about the things that you’re going to do… one day… Jealous of those who are actually doing it. All the while, you look outside of yourself for fulfillment and never feel satisfied.

If this is you, this is your wake up call. Set aside an hour or two for some self discovery and follow these steps to discover your purpose.

Finding your purpose is about discovering yourself. 
It’s learning to be the most authentic version of you. 
To find your purpose, you must remember who you are.

Finding your purpose and remembering who you are is a process of self reflection. Dive deep and answer these questions with as much detail as possible.

  1. What do you love to do?
  2. What comes easy to you? 
  3. What are you naturally good at? 
  4. What have you overcome?
  5. What is the message that you want to share with others?
  6. What are you passionate about?
  7. What do you know?
  8. What do you enjoy?

Learn to Say No

Part of discovering your purpose is learning to say no. Start making a practice of saying no to things that you don’t have time for. Say no to obligations. Say no to when your gut tells you to. Say no if you’re not excited about it. Say no when it’s difficult, dull, or depressing.

If it’s not “Hell Yes!” It’s a NO!

Saying no takes practice. The more you practice saying no to what doesn’t serve you, the more time, energy, confidence, control, and respect you will have and get from others. Saying no is a way of protecting your energy, so that you don’t feel drained. Most importantly you are going to have so much more fun and enjoy your life so much more.

In addition to learning to say no, start saying YES to whatever lights you up! If the idea of doing something is energizing, exciting, and enjoyable, say yes. Commit to doing what lights you up.

If you absolutely HAVE to do something, find a way to make it fun!

Take Time for Yourself

If you want to discover your purpose and your passions, taking time for yourself is a must. Start making time to do the things you enjoy. When we take time for ourselves we are better equipped to share our energy with others and can serve bigger and brighter. Take time to try new things and practice what you are good at. This is about finding yourself, so the more you get to know you, the more you be you. The more authentic you will feel and you will start naturally living a purpose filled life. 

Listen to Your Intuition

You have an internal guidance system that is always leading you towards your highest good. When you follow your intuition fearlessly you will be led on the path towards your purpose. Pay attention to that gut instinct and follow what feels good.

Follow Your Heart

Open your heart to the infinite possibilities available to you. Have a conversation with your heart and find out what it wants. Then follow your heart, it will lead you to your purpose and falling in love with your life.

Decide Where You Want to Go

The universe is waiting for you to tell it what you want. If you’ve been asking for a sign, stop waiting and make a choice. If you’re not sure which choice to make ask your heart and follow your gut.

Take time to get clear on your goals and what you want for your life. Then, create a plan to achieve it. Know that you can always course correct if things aren’t quite lining up.

If we move towards what we want, if it is meant for us, it will happen. If not, the universe will move us in a direction that will better serve us.

Focus on Joy

When it comes to living out your purpose and being unapologetically you, you will automatically have more happiness in your life. If you still need help figuring out what that is, focus on what makes you happy. What brings you joy, excitement, and pleasure? Find what feels good and move toward your happiest life.

Take Small Steps

Take small steps everyday to follow your purpose. Ask yourself everyday, what small step can I take today? Then, do that thing. Your purpose is always evolving, you are always evolving. If you focus on taking small steps, you’ll find yourself living a purposeful life much quicker that you realize.

If you feel like you are stuck and in need of a breakthrough, sign up for your free consultation and discover your next step towards living a purposeful life.

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