3 Steps to Let Go of What is Holding You Back

I have found myself pretty quiet over the last few months. It has been a great time of transition this year. I find myself and many others going through endings and new beginnings. This has really been the energy of the cosmos this year, learning to reset and go with the flow. While we are brought closer and closer to our higher purpose. Many of us not knowing where we are being led and following seemingly blindly.

The months of June and July especially brought about the endings of many cycles. We were forced to look at what wasn’t working for us anymore and bring an end to it. For me, this showed up as a pattern of scarcity and self sacrifice. I spent the last 5-7 years sacrificing everything for everyone, believing that there was never enough for me and somehow finding plenty of me to goaround. This year has been showing me time and time again to bring an ending to this pattern.

In June, I hit this breaking point of knowing this pattern wasn’t going to work for me anymore and it was time to let it go. I made the decision in an instant. However, letting go is an exercise that takes time. Everyday since it has been a lesson in how to let go more and more and trust that everything is working out for my higher good.

For a new pattern to start and set into our being, we must be willing to release and allow ourselves into something new.

No matter the pattern, the way we let go is the same.

Letting go happens in 3 steps:

One: We first need to acknowledge and accept the obstruction. This could be a belief that is blocking us, a pattern that we keep repeating, or it could even be something more physical. Regardless, what we need to acknowledge and accept is always something within ourselves. It is what we think or do or say. Not something outside ourselves. We need to look within and be really honest with ourselves about what that obstruction is.

This can be difficult because these obstructions can be sneaky. Chances are, you already know what is blocking you. However, we’ve accustomed ourselves to allow these things to be everyday thoughts. All these thoughts are really doing are cluttering our brain space. We worry about so many things, for instance we mull over how a situation that we have no control over might turn out. Then we turn around and blame everyone else for disturbing our peace of mind.

For true peace of mind, we must be willing to look within.

Two: To truly let go and move forward. You must be certain that you want to. Sometimes we want to hold onto whatever is blocking us because we think that it is keeping us safe. We have to be 100% sure and ready to let go. Otherwise, you’ll find the same things keep coming up and you’ll find yourself saying, “I thought I let that go already”

Be really honest with yourself and chose with completely certainty that it’s time to let go.

Three: Finally, to truly let go you must connect to your sense of wholeness. Connect into your heart and allow yourself to experience peace, love, and connection with others. It is in this place that we let go, that we find freedom. Instead of trying to control, we simply walk away. We move into love and light, the true essence of who we are.

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