Stop Doubt in Its Tracks!

Self-doubt gets in the way BIG time of us reaching our goals!

For us to truly have what we want we have to believe in it, we have to believe in ourselves and believe that it can be true for us!

The purpose of doubt is to show us contrast, to shine light on what our fears and beliefs are that have held us back.

You wouldn’t doubt it if you didn’t want it!

All manifestation starts with a thought, then we speak about it and write about it, we call it into our space.

When we’ve done that and we truly believe in it, then it manifests into our life.

Often, you are going to feel those big doubts right before a break through.

Then, you will break through and you will feel so silly for having those doubts.

That was me the last couple of weeks, Mercury in Retrograde caused me to look within at all my doubts and fears about what I desired to manifest.

So I did the work, I stopped my thoughts in their tracks and told my brain, “We aren’t going to think this anymore, we believe that we can have what we desire!”

Then, I rocked it! I signed a client and did one of the best readings I’ve ever done for a client!

How are you overcoming self-doubt?

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