Why are you afraid of having something good?

So often, we fear having something good come into our lives. We stay with what is familiar, with what is safe. When something good presents itself, like the perfect opportunity, we get scared because, “It’s too good to be true”. When we live in fear we miss opportunities, when they are all around us.

Guess what though? Life gets to be good! You can dream big and have all of the things that you want!

Part of what is so scary of letting good things come in, is that it also means having to let some things go. In order to receive something new, we have to let go of something.

This means that we have to sometimes ignore our physical senses, new experiences, even the good ones can cause fear and anxiety, we have to acknowledge it and move through it and really tune into what we really want. Is the experience going to cause us to expand? If so, it’s worth it to move through it and let the old fall away.

Another thing we need to let go of is the memories of patterns which we have experienced before. We have to let go of the times we have failed, of the times we have been burned, of the times things just didn’t work out. Instead, we have to take what we learned from those experiences and apply it to the new experience. While being willing to dive in and experience something new.

Finally, we have to let go of our old programming, our thoughts and beliefs about the way that things work in the world. We have to develop childlike wonder and say what if? What if it can happen? What if things can really be this good?!

As we let go of these things and bring in the new, we need to allow ourselves time to rest and to clear our minds. Letting go is a process that takes time, and as we give ourselves time, we make room for something new to come in.

What do you want to do with your life? What do you want to have? What are your dreams? 

Call it in now and let it be. Life gets to be good!!!!!

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