Follow Your Heart

I find myself where I am today because I follow my heart. They say that if something excites you and scares you at the same time, you should probably do it. This has been true for me, following my heart has been one of the scariest things I have ever done in my life.

It has also been exciting and rewarding, by following my heart I have learned so much. My heart is always guiding me to new places and new experiences.

I have learned that following my heart sometimes means a lot of change because what I want today, I won’t necessarily want tomorrow. You see, it is easy to just keep going with life, every day the same as the one before. Then something in your heart will say, “It’s time for something new.”

Here we find the battle between the heart and the mind. When the heart guides us somewhere new, it brings up all our fears and beliefs that fill our mind with chatter and keeps us from following our heart.

How do I know that following my heart is the right thing to do? Because it got me to where I am today and I have so much to be grateful for.

7 Steps to Following Your Heart

Be Open

Being open means being present. It is not judging the past or the future. It is becoming curious, like a child. Being willing to explore the world, being willing to explore ourselves. In this state, we see new possibilities and opportunities. The world is abundant and we can do or be anything we want. We dare to dream.


Focus on your heart and listen to what it has to say. Ask your heart questions. Go within by journaling, meditation, or spending quiet time in nature. When you are listening pay attention to who’s voice you are hearing, is it pure or are you listening to the voice of others. If you are hearing the voice of others, let it go and try again. Keeping looking deeper inwards. For more information see: Conversations With Your Heart.

Be Patient

The heart is slow to speak, our hearts are always speaking to us but sometimes is takes awhile to really get clear. We can be distracted by our daily activities and our thoughts. Don’t get stuck in expectations or the details.


How do things feel? When you think about what your heart wants, do you feel expansive or contracted? Do you feel elated or bogged down? Our heart speaks more through feeling than logic. If it feels expansive, like our truth, that is your heart.


It can be easy to listen to what your heart wants. It’s not always easy to accept what the heart wants, especially when we want something that scares you. When your heart speaks to you, be accepting of what comes through.


In following what your heart wants, sometimes the only way to do it is to jump in. Our hearts want us to go all in. If we don’t go all in, we confuse ourselves about what our heart truly wants.

Trust and Allow

When we connect with our hearts we are connecting with our purpose. We are connecting with our Higher Power. Trust in your hearts desires and allow your Higher Power to work through you. Everything your heart desires is your truth and it will come with time.

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