Conversations With Your Heart

Your heart is its own consciousness. According to HeartMath Institute, the heart has a system of neurons that have both short- and long-term memory, and the signals they send to the brain can affect our emotional experiences.


So often we get stuck in thought, our mind runs in circles, and we forget to feel and to connect with the consciousness of our heart. To find our truth we need to tune into our heart, our hearts are the windows to our soul. When we follow our heart, we are following our divine truth.


To connect with you heart, simply begin to tune into what your heart feels like. Notice your heart beat, is it fast or slow? Does your heart feel heavy or light?


As you connect with your heart you can begin to have conversations. As its own consciousness, you may be surprised at how much our hearts have to tell us.


Some things you can ask your heart are:

  • What is my hearts personality?
  • What does my heart want?
  • What does my heart dislike?
  • Does my heart feel appreciated and loved? Or does it feel ignored and undervalued?
  • What does my heart need me to do differently?
  • What does my heart have to tell me?


As you have this conversation with your heart, acknowledge the concerns of heart. Let your heart know that you value its needs, perspectives, and wants. Fill your heart with love and gratitude.

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