Empath and HSP Support Group

Are you an empath or HSP (highly sensitive person)?

According to Judith Orloff in The Differences Between Highly Sensitive People and Empaths

The traits of an empath and HSP are: a low threshold for stimulation; the need for alone time; sensitivity to light, sound, and smell; and an aversion to large groups.

Empaths share a highly sensitive person’s love of nature and quiet environments, their desire to help others, and their rich inner life.

Empaths take the experience of the highly sensitive person much further: We can sense subtle energy and actually absorb it from other people and different environments into our own bodies.

This capacity allows us to experience the energy around us, including emotions and physical sensations, in extremely deep ways. And so we energetically internalize the feelings and pain of others — and often have trouble distinguishing someone else’s discomfort from our own. Also, some empaths have profound spiritual and intuitive experiences — with animals, nature, or their inner guides — which aren’t usually associated with highly sensitive people.

Join Us on August 1st at 6:30pm for our first

Empath Support Group Meeting

This group will give you the opportunity to connect with other empaths. People who you can relate to, get support from and learn from on how to navigate this world with your unique gift.

Meetings will be held every other Wednesday at 6:30pm at Nirvana Healing Center.

Each meeting we will sit in circle and discuss life as an empath.

For our first meeting come prepared to talk about what tools you use to help you thrive as an empath.

Please register for the meeting by visiting the classes tab on our online scheduling page or by replying to this email. Link is below!

If you are interested in the group and are unable to make it to the first meeting please respond to this email so we can add you to the list for future meeting updates and invites, subsequent meetings will be a closed invitation.

Thank you for your interest! We look forward to seeing you at our first meeting!

  Schedule Now  

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