The Divine Feminine Inside of You

All around us we are bombarded with messages about what being feminine means. We see supermodels with supermodel bodies. And there are so many beliefs that we have been conditioned into believing. Things like women are supposed to stay at home, make babies, and do the cooking and the cleaning. Or that women are inferior to men in some way, that they’re not as smart or not as capable of doing “manly” things.


I, myself grew up in a family where my Dad worked, and my Mom stayed home and took care of the kids. I’ve always known from a young age that I wanted to have kids someday, and if you asked me 8 years ago, that meant finding a man to take care of me so that I could be a stay at home Mom. Fast forward eight years and here I am, unable to imagine not working, because I LOVE what I do.


In fact, at this point, I would be happy with the roles reversed. Me being the bread winner and having a stay at home Husband.


You see the divine feminine isn’t just the nurturing caretaker. I believe that’s a part of it. But there is so much more. The divine feminine is ferocious like a man. She is sexy and seductive. She is powerful and expensive. She is wise, just and unapologetically true. She represents purity, peace, harmony and forgiveness. She is a Mother, a beautiful creator. She can bring chaos and death, because to bring life and make new, you sometimes must go through the bumps and pain to get to the light, most of all, she is love, she is you.


Finding the divine feminine inside of you is all about looking within what makes you feel like a goddess. It’s forgetting and letting go of all the bullshit messages we hear about women. Women can be, do and have anything. And that is what makes the divine feminine so powerful and all inclusive.

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