5 Things To Do When You’re In a Slump

We’ve all been there, those days where we feel sluggish, unfocused and emotionally overwhelmed. You can barely sort out your feelings and thing you do seems to be working. In this slump, often old patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving arise. We find ourselves obsessing over our problems, even though we know it doesn’t work.


First, you need to know that slumps are normal. It happens to everyone. Sometimes we just have off days. It’s all about taking one step at a time to get out of the slump. Here are five things you can do today to start getting out of your slump.


  1. Detachment- To practice detachment is to release our fixation on what is outside of us. It is learning to let go of our need to control things. It is letting go of expecting a specific outcome. Instead of looking outside of ourselves, we look within and make the adjustments we need to make within ourselves. By setting what is outside of us free, we set ourselves free.
  2. Let go of expectation – Letting go of expectations is a form of detachment. In this case, let yourself be. Allow yourself to be in the slump, it’s okay. There always something to lean from struggle. We don’t have to expect “more” from ourselves or expect that we do everything perfectly. We can just ne where we are, when we can meet ourselves where we are at. It allows us to grow.
  3. Acceptance– Accept that you are in the slump. Accept your emotions, thoughts and behaviors. Accept the circumstances of life right now. Acceptance makes relief, release or change possible. When we resist, repress or deny things we keep ourselves stuck.
  4. Self-Love – Spend some time doing self-care and show yourself some love. Often, we get into a slump because we are ignoring our own needs and expending all our energy on others. So, take a bath, read a book, journal, spend some time in nature. Do whatever fill your cup.
  5. Gratitude– Spend some time in gratitude, make a list of all the things you have to be grateful for. Gratitude is alone of the highest vibrating emotions. Spending time in gratitude can help us see things differently and shift our energy so we can grow out of our times of slump.

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