You Can Choose to Live Your Life With Ease

It can be easy to define yourself by all the suffering and pain that you have experienced. After all our pain can make us stronger. But defining ourselves by that pain can lock us up in a box. We keep telling ourselves that we are the victim, the bullied, the survivor. We live life that way, always trying to make it. To survive. We keep revisiting old wounds, chipping away at it even when we’ve already done the healing that we need to do.


I have been there as a healer and as a business owner. The journey is so much a personal growth journey. You’re forced to look deep into your subconscious and heal the limiting beliefs that hold you back and keep you small. Instead of letting go of it. Once I healed it I would revisit it again. Digging for what else needed to be healed. I kept myself small for the sake of being comfortable.


This journey doesn’t have to be hard. We can go on this journey with joy and ease and peace. We get to choose how we take the journey. WE get to choose to let things happen easily. We can surrender and let spirit take the reins. We can welcome the new, the love, the ease and the joy with open arms.


All it takes is a choice.

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