Developing Clairsentience and Following Your Intuition as an Empath

Being an empath means that you have the ability to feel or sense what others are feeling and take that emotion in your own body. As an empath you may have been labeled by others as too emotional or overly sensitive. You may feel when your friend is upset or joyful, or soak up the emotional energy of a group of a people, feeling drained at the end of the day.


These emotions can be taken on in the body and manifest as physical symptoms such as headaches, nausea, and anxiety. Many empaths have been taught by others to internalize their feelings and hold them in, which can worsen physical symptoms. This can lead to anxiety, depression, and feeling drained.


Clairsentience is the ability to sense what others are feeling, take that emotion in your own body, and receive instinctual information about the event or situation. This is more psychic or intuitive in nature, in that clairsentients can also receive information about an emotion and why it is there.  


As a clairsentient you may feel what another person is feeling even if they are not displaying emotions. You may feel heavy or feel anxiety when you walk into a room or meet someone.


Other things you may notice are: sensing when those around you have pent up emotions, experiencing sudden changes in mood, sensing the presence of another person before you see or speak with them, feeling uncomfortable in crowded spaces, feeling pressure around the head or get headaches frequently.


All empaths can develop their clairsentience easily as it is most likely your strongest psychic sense and feeling will be one of the greatest ways that your intuition speaks to you. To develop your clairsentience, before you go out for the day, check in with yourself and notice how you are feeling.


Then as you are around other people check in with yourself, are you feeling any emotions that you weren’t feeling before? Or do you feel any pain in your body that you weren’t feeling before? Could this be the emotions of the people you are around?


Checking in with your intuition, you can ask questions about where that information is coming from and just trust whatever comes to you. As you do this exercise more and more you will be able to get more and more information.

As an empath, to follow your intuition better, when it comes to making a decision, check in with yourself and your body. How does a certain choice feel to you? The right choice will usually feel light and easy. Always follow your heart!

2 Comments on “Developing Clairsentience and Following Your Intuition as an Empath

  1. Is it possible to have both empathetic & Clairsentient? If so what is the correct term/noum for that and how do I verify my abilities of each & which am I?


    • Hey Elizabeth, most, if not all Empaths are Clairsentient. Most people would refer to themselves as being an Empath. Practice definitely makes perfect. If you are on Facebook, check out my Facebook group The Empowered Intuitive Sisterhood. I think you would find a lot of answers there!


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