Crystals and Essential Oils for Love


Geranium is the oil of love and trust. It encourages emotional honesty, love, and forgiveness and fosters receptivity to human love and connection. Geranium can help to open the heart and can help support in healing emotions.


Rose is the oil of divine love and is the highest vibrating oil. This oil invites you to experience the unconditional love of the divine. It restores you to authenticity, wholeness, and purity. Use this oil to assist in opening the heart so love can flow freely.


The Comforting Blend or Console helps those who are in need of emotional comfort.  It can help to ease pain after emotional turmoil and help to release those emotions. Console assists in experiencing a serene heart and mind.


Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love. Rose Quartz is often used for healing the heart chakra. It can be used to attract love by putting it by your bed or in the rear right corner of the house. Rose Quartz is a great stone for emotional healing, it helps to release unexpressed emotions, comforts grief, and teaches self-love.


Amethyst transmutes negative energy into love. Use amethyst to calm the mind and bring balance to the mind and heart. Use a lavender colored Amethyst to stimulate and calme the throat and heart chakras and bring more light and love into the environment.


Rhodochrosite represents self love and compassion. This stone is excellent for someone who feels unloved and heals the heart. It can help to attract a Soulmate and teaches us how to digest painful feelings without shutting down. It encourages a positive attitude and enhances dream states and creativity.


Sources: Emotions & Essential Oils, The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall

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