Forgiveness – An Act of Self-Love

True love is self-love, our world is a reflection of our inner sleeves, so when we are able to generate self-love we open our world to ALL love. One of the biggest things we can do for ourselves is to go through the process of forgiveness. A process of letting go.

So often, we hold onto the past. Feelings of anger and resentment bottles up inside us. Pain gathers up inside of us. When we hold onto the past, we relive our pain over and over again. As we do so, the walls around our heart build, shutting out love. Our emotions are meant to be energy in motion. When our emotions are stuck, we are stuck. These stuck energies can cause many problems until they are moved out of our system.

Forgiveness means acknowledging and accepting our pain, and letting it go, leaving it in the past and moving on. Forgiveness is for us, it gives us freedom from the chains of the past, freedom from the pain. Forgiveness gives us the power, the power to move on. The power to let go of those who have transgressed against us. By forgiving our transgressors and cutting the cord, we are taking back out power. We are no longer letting our power be drained by allowing the past and what they did to cause us pain.

There are many different people that we can do the process of forgiveness with. We can forgive those who have transgressed against us, those we love and those who we interact with every day. Each of these people we develop an energetic connection with. As we forgive others we are healing, and ultimately, we forgive ourselves.

What is Forgiveness Costing You?

Now is the time for us to forgive, to heal and open our hearts. The first step in the forgiveness is to accept that we are all doing the best we can with the resources we have at that time. When we can accept this, we are acknowledging that when causing pain, the other person was operating from their own baggage and pain. Through the acceptance, we allow ourselves to be able to let go.

If you are ready to forgive and let go, set aside 10-15 minutes to listen to this guided forgiveness meditation. I suggest making this process a part of your regular routine to heal and renew the connections you have with others.

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