How to Manifest Love

I am sure you all have heard of the Law of Attraction and the rule that what you think you attract. This is true in every aspect of our lives. Especially in a partner. Everyone pf us has a different set of needs: some want a partner to go on adventures with, a companion to cook with or share a love of literature, etc. If you don’t have that companion, love or partner yet you might be overwhelmed with the idea of where to even start on the journey of finding someone to love. I will break down a few simple manifestation tips to start attracting the love you not only crave but deserve.
So, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day and keeping on the theme of love, let’s get started!

  1. Get SUPER clear on what you want:

You need to get clear on what traits you need from a partner to feel fulfilled. Write them down! Make a list and don’t stop till you have it all down. When looking for a romantic partner it is so much more that just finding a person that matches all those superficial requirements that first come to mind. You know the one’s: tall, handsome, long legs, blond hair, brown hair etc. I am talking about those qualities that go beyond surface level. Write down what are your non-negotiables in a partner are. Next write down the traits/characteristics that would be nice to have. Remember this is your list! Be honest with what you want, don’t make a list of traits that other’s think you need.

  1. Set the Intention to recognize love where it shows up:

Love is not always romantic. It is around you every moment of the day if you choose to see it and experience it. When we set the intention to recognize acts of love we are opening ourselves up to receiving more love. The more love you witness equates to more love experience. It’s vibrational, love has a high frequency and this cycle of witnessing/experiencing will keep perpetuating if you are open to it.

  1. Get rid of those limiting beliefs!!

If you take anything away from this let it be reframing your limiting beliefs! This will not only help you in the department of lover but will carry over into ALL areas of your life.
Limiting beliefs are like cancer when it comes to finding a romantic relationship. If you want to know if you have a limiting belief start to notice the statements that you make when someone close to you gushes about a date they went on or watching a couple on tv. Do you say, “I wish that I could find a man like that” or “All the good ones are taken”? THAT is a limiting belief!
It is super important that you really understand that the what you believe literally becomes the world you experience!

You are worthy of love, remain open and speak the beauty of love into existence. As a side note, these tips are not just for someone looking for love. Apply these tips to your current relationship for a rekindling.  I hope this inspires you to start on your journey of manifesting love into your life!

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