Outshining Fear with Love

One of my teaches told me “there are only two things, fear and love”. All our emotions either stem from fear or love.

Unfortunately, much of the world today is dominated by fear. Fear surrounds. We see it on the news, on social media, every day we encounter fear. Much of these fears come up as “not enough”/ We believe that we will never have, be, do or experience enough. Enough money, enough love, enough joy etc. We allow painful experiences from the past to dominate our thinking and responses in the present.

Those who understand the power that fear can have, use it as a manipulation tool. Oftentimes projecting their own fear onto us. When fear is a dominating force it keeps us from being able to look within. It is by looking within that we are able to conquer fear. This is because fear only exists outside of us.

What conquers fear is love. Love is truth and it is abundantly available to us. We only need to look within. To look at the truth of our being.

From the beginning of time, we have looked for answers for a deeper meaning. We know at our core that there is some kind of divinity. A divine order to things. We know this because we are an eternal soul, and we have a human body that is a catalyst for this human experience. When we see ourselves as divine, eternal beings, it eliminates fear, because there is nothing to fear. Our souls cannot be damaged.

To shift from fear to love we need only to look within ourselves. Take a moment and place your hands on your heart. Tune into this space of love. Let your heart open to love, feel the truth that we are eternal love and how that resonates throughout your being.

To bring in more love, we need forgiveness and compassion. We need to forgive ourselves for having fear. We have lived so long without unconditional love but as we open our hearts and awaken to love we make room for healing. We must also have compassion for ourselves and others, for we are perfectly imperfect.

As we look within and open to love, we set an example to others. For love shines brightly and is more powerful than fear.

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