The Benefits of Using Black Obsidian for Healing

Back in July my family and I went on vacation to the Yucatan Peninsula. While there I had the opportunity to speak with a Mayan Shaman, who introduced me to Black Obsidian. Obsidian is a form of volcanic glass.  While I heard of Obsidian before I was unaware of the vast healing and energy clearing properties this stone offers. Crystals and stone have always been a source if interest for me, but I had never taken the journey to learn how to implement them in my life and home. I left Mexico with a thirst to learn more and immediately started using what I learned from the Shaman


The energy clearing that Black Obsidian offers is unlike anything that I have experienced before. Black Obsidian has the ability to draw in negative energy, basically clearing your aura and spirit. I held the stones in my had and I could immediately feel the weight and old, lingering negative thoughts lift from me. It’s as if it started from my toes and was released through my hands into the stone I was holding.


Another common use of black obsidian is to use the stone to clear the chakras. Show up as energy blocks or will manifest into physical symptoms.  When clearing the chakras with Obsidian, the stone is rubbed in a circular motion on the chakra to create friction. The friction creates and electric current from the obsidian to the chakra pulling the negative energy from the body.


The powers of ancient healing are very similar across the globe and Black Obsidian is one stone of many that can be used as a modality for healing.


*These are my personal experience and in no shape or form medical advice.

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