One’s healing journey can bring them to address traumas that have happened in their life. Using the word trauma in the article, I am referring to events that are extremely upsetting and at least temporarily overwhelm the individual’s internal resources. Although all traumas have different level of severity, it is important for an individual to address the traumas that have happened in their life. Unaddressed trauma can affect the way that we behave, it can affect our belief systems, and it can stop us from having what we truly desire.


You will know when it is time for you to address certain trauma that may have happened in your life. For instance, you may start to have memories or flashbacks of an event or you may have the event repeat itself in a different way.


Recently, there has been a uprising of women. There is a call for the joining of women. Our predominantly masculine society needs more feminine energy to bring the world back into balance. So, as women we are being called to heal our traumas and become the goddesses that we truly are. By healing ourselves, we are then able to help others to heal. We are invited to unite, to nurture, to be.


One of the traits of feminine energy is sensuality, the willingness to slow down, explore and discover what really works while utilizing all that the body has to offer in regards to sexual pleasure. Through my own healing journey, I have been called to address this area of my life. I have found when I need healing in an area the right person(s) show up to help address that area of my life. For me that person is Shannon, and I feel extremely blessed that she is a member of Nirvana and here to serve and help women in this area of their lives. After the #metoo movement, Shannon followed her inner voice that said, it is time to help other women heal traumas regarding sexuality and shared an amazing special to help women do exactly that. After experiencing two, very powerful sessions with Shannon, I am excited to share this healing with other women.


Shannon is offering these powerful 90 minute sessions at an amazing rate of $100 and they can be booked through our online booking system. Below is a description of these sessions written by Shannon.




The #metoo movement has invited women to take part in spreading awareness and revealing the reality of just how many of us (yeah, me too) have been exposed to unwanted, uninvited, inappropriate sexual behavior, advances and the like. As a survivor of sexual trauma, I understand how difficult it can be to live with. Through energy and bodywork, I have been able to work the memories out of my body and mind, or change them altogether. Those sessions were not easy or fun, but the choice to have them made my life and relationships easier and better. The memories no longer hold any charge. The fear is gone. As a result, I am now able to hold space for others to release what they can when they are ready and willing to do so. I believe we can all help break generational and other patterns of abuse by speaking up, being honest and deciding to live without the shame, distortion and fear. We can be our true selves – honest, shameless and free. The time is now!


Each #metoo session is different as each person’s story is different, as is what they are ready to address. The most important thing to know is that you will be in a safe space and 100% in control of your session. You can even choose to wear clothing that you feel safe in, or not. I will check in with you to make sure you are okay as the session progresses. You are welcome and encouraged to feel and say how you feel about whatever comes up. All the emotions and words are okay! I’ll ask you in different ways to claim your space and speak your truth, to say what you need to say, or do what you wish you could have done then. It will be emotional and empowering. After your session, I’ll give you a recommendation card with reminders, encouragement, exercises and tools to help you process after the session.


Common #metoo session themes are:

  • Finally being honest about what really happened
  • Figuring out what really happened
  • Feeling how you feel about what happened
  • Being believed and getting support this time
  • Using your voice to find and speak your truth
  • Claiming your physical space (finding your strength)
  • Clearing away residual old energy



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