Letting Go Allows Us to Grow

It is that time of year again, the leaves are falling and the air is crisp.  For me this is a beautiful time of year, not just for the colors that decorate the streets. This time of year is very symbolic of shedding the old. The falling of leaves and changing of seasons shows us that letting go is a beautiful thing. It I necessary for our personal and emotional growth to stop the negative mental chatter and get present to our authentic self.  The “not good enough” mental chatter starts in us at such a young age. In most of us that voice has been with us for years, it is ingrained in us. These habits of negative self-talk do not serve our growth, now is a perfect time to let those beliefs and let them fall to the ground.  Here are a few tips that will allow you to let go.


  1. Practice the Pause and be present.

First step is getting present. Pausing to notice just how often the negative self-talk comes creeping into your mind. Notice how it makes you feel, physically and emotionally. Do you noticed a shift in your mood? How does that impact the way you interact with others?  If we can pause and be still we can start to recognize those patterns and being the process of shifting the narrative from negative to positive.


  1. Practice Self Love.

If you take a few moments every day to show yourself some love. This is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. Wither it is journaling, exercising, or even taking a nap. Those few moments of the focus only on you is so necessary for your spiritual and emotional health. Find the time and make it a daily ritual.


  1. Affirmations!

This by far is my favorite form of letting go and shifting my un-serving self-beliefs. Start by making a list of some things that you like about yourself, or some areas that you know you are overly self-critical in.  Use that list to create some short, but powerful statements that you can repeat in your head first thing in the morning or really anytime throughout the day that you start to notice a drain in energy or the negative chatter taking over. This changes your vibration… like attracts like. So by affirming the positive in yourself you will naturally attract positive.


If you have any tips, we would love to hear!

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