Discovering Your Blocks


That feeling of frustration and anger washes over you. You want to move on and for some reason you just CAN’T. You know something is blocking you and your dying to figure out what is so you can just move on.


My dear friend, you already know in your heart what is blocking you. The answer is you. I know this can be painful to hear and maybe you want to place the blame on someone or something. What have you been saying to yourself over and over again? What is your self fulfilling prophecy?


If this is you, it’s time to sit down with your journal and identify your limiting beliefs that are blocking you. THE TIME IS NOW!


Question 1: What is the payoff of not getting the results you desire? What is the advantage of staying where you are?


Our subconscious wants to keep us safe. It likes to be comfortable and wants what is familiar. When you ask yourself this question, your first instinct may be to say there is no benefit. However, if you’re feeling blocked then your subconscious sees a benefit to staying where you are. Tune in and find your answer.


Question 2: What is the ripple effect? Who or what else would this affect?


Sometimes we may be afraid to do something because of what someone else might think. Maybe we’re are afraid to lose someone or of hurting them. These fears around how what we do and  how it affects others can be what is blocking us.


Question 3: What or who will you have to let go of in order to do, be, or have what you want?


Letting go can be one of the scariest things to do. Having to let go of something maybe what is blocking you.


Congratulations! You’ve discovered your blocks. Now you can get to work letting go of all those worries and fears and start making the changes you need to make.

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