What is Spirituality?

Many people have lost their spirituality due to negative experiences. To some there is confusion around what spirituality is.

Spirituality at its core is a sense of connection to something bigger in life, it connects us all, and brings a deeper meaning to life. The beauty of spirituality is it is different for each and every one of us, yet it connects us all in a profound way. Spirituality gives us meaning and purpose.

The thing about humans is we have basic need for connection. From our conception, we are connected to our Mothers. Throughout our early years, healthy connection is essential to our development. As we age, this need for connection remains. It is only as traumas happen that we lose our connection and our spirituality. However, to be complete connection is essential. How wonderful it is, that we each get to express this truth in our own way.

The interconnectedness of all being is essential to one’s well being. The expression of this creates beauty in individualism and freedom.

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