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Office Manager, Spiritual Business Coach, and Reiki Master/Teacher

My name is Natasha Nirvana and I am a Spiritual Business Coach, Reiki Master and Passionate Creator. At 22 years old, after developing a thriving massage practice, I was divinely guided to open Nirvana Healing Center, a community for lightworkers and healers to share their gifts and educate the community of Silicon Valley.

I envision a world filled with powerful women who know exactly who they are & what they deserve and aren’t afraid to go out and get it! It is my mission to empower women to feel confident & carefree and enjoy a life of love & pleasure.

I intuitively guide women to step into the most powerful version of themselves and create a life and business that they love. I help women to uncover their gifts, passions, and purpose so that they can create the impact they are meant for, do what they love and achieve financial freedom.

Are you ready to say hell yes to transforming your life and step into the most powerful version of you?

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Natasha is a Spiritual Soul & Business Coach and Reiki Master/Teacher. She has lived her whole life connected to her spirituality. She has a personal relationship with Source and her guides and works in connection with them, following her guidance and her calling.

Natasha has been practicing Reiki for over 7 years. She has studied Energy Medicine extensively. Her studies have included Reiki levels I, II, & III, Light Activation, DNA Reactivation, NLP, metaphysics, meditation facilitation, law of attraction, the power of the mind, consciousness, the chakra system, emotions, and much more. She is always educating herself and expanding her awareness.

Natasha started her own business in 2014 at the age of 22. She built a thriving practice in 3 months. In 2015, Natasha was called to open Nirvana Healing Center. Over the years, Nirvana Healing Center has evolved to becoming a co-working space for Energy Medicine Practitioners. Throughout, Natasha has maintained a thriving practice and has coached and mentored many other healers and practitioners in building their own practice.

In her Energy Healing practice, Natasha believes that the best way to help someone heal is through a combination of guidance and education, finding the underlying cause, and restoring the body to its prime state for self-healing. Your body is extremely capable of healing itself, however stress interfere’s with your body’s natural healing capability. Stress is the number one cause of dis-ease and can affect us on all levels, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Ignite Your Passion and Awaken Your Goddess Self

Are you READY to?
✨ Heal old wounds and trauma that are keeping you locked in the past.
✨ Manifest the life of your dreams, the dream house, the dream job or business, and the dream relationship!
✨ Grow deeper in your spirituality and your relationship with yourself!
✨ Learn to trust, surrender, and have faith in your higher purpose!
✨ Tap into energy and heal yourself!
✨ Acknowledge and follow your truth and intuition!
✨ Be 100% aligned with your true self!
✨ Open up to receiving all that the Universe has in store for you!

Through a combination of coaching, advanced energy work, and intuitive reading I guide you to heal your life and empower you to step into the most powerful version of yourself.

Services Available:

💜 Reiki
💜 Intuitive Reading
💜 Tarot Reading
💜 Chakra Healing & Balancing
💜 Business Coaching
💜 Spiritual Guidance/Coaching
*All Services are booked based on session time. All New Client Sessions are 90 Minutes. To request an emailed reading please contact Natasha directly. All services can be done in person or via Zoom.

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💜 Individual and Group Reiki Training (email natasha@nirvanasanjose.com for more information)

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