Natasha Olson

Owner, Energy Therapist and Spiritual Teacher

Natasha is an Energy Therapist and the owner of Nirvana Healing Center. She has been practicing for over 6 years. She is dedicated to helping her clients heal their bodies from the inside out.

Services Offered: Energy Therapy and Spiritual Education

(408) 544-0384


Natasha is a highly intuitive Energy Therapist and the owner of Nirvana Healing Center. Natasha has a diverse educational background in spirituality and healing the body. Natasha has studied various modalities of massage including, Swedish, Deep Tissue and Shiatsu. In addition, she has studied various methods of Energy Work, including Reiki levels I-III, Light Activation, DNA Reactivation, Advanced Spiritual Healing, Chakra Healing, Crystal Healing, Healing with Essential Oils, Metaphysics and Spiritual Coaching. It is her passion and joy to share with you what she has learned and how you can heal from physical, mental, and emotional challenges to live your best life.

In 2014, Natasha was guided to open Nirvana Healing Center, a place where people could come for healing not just their physical body, but heal completely at a soul level. Natasha strives to make Nirvana Healing Center a place where clients can come and feel comfortable and cared for. Nirvana Healing Center is formed on the belief that spirituality and self-care are extremely important to everyone’s well-being.


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