Holistic Healer & Bodyworker at Yarrow’s Healing Space

Yarrow is a holistic healer and body worker. Her health and wellness career started 20+ years ago when she was looking for something that could support what she want to represent as well as balancing the life of a single mom. Today she practices Myofascial Release (a gentle approach to deep bodywork), traditional massage, Reiki, sound healing, aroma therapy, Laughter Yoga, Shamanic practices, fitness training, meditation and many other aspects of health and wellness.

As a lifetime student of healing her goal is to help others find their Well of Balance as she also continues to learn and grow alongside many other like minded people on this beautiful earth. We are all connected as everything is connected.

While working together you will learn from experience and by questioning what your body and soul wants and needs. We will dig up your inner dirt and enrich the glorious soils of your soul reconnecting you to your true self and true path. Yarrow is here to help guide you through your healing process. Healing is a journey not an event.

Her light and support is a resource for you to accomplish your own healing goals. She works with all types of ailments and people. From young and old, known and unknown, headaches and body aches, physical and spiritual, little issues in the tissues and the day of surgery, one time visits and multiple visits she is here for you.

To ask questions or book a session please reach out to Yarrow directly.

Call/Text: (408)655-8897
Email: yarrowshealingspace@gmail.com

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