Owen Nguyen

Certified Massage Therapist

In the over 11 years Owen Nguyen has been healing people through massage he’s learned the only way to give good massage is to customize it for every client. In addition to his healing touch, most clients come back to Owen because they know he will work on exactly what they need him to. His number one priority is to always remain attentive and accomodating throughout every client’s experience.

Owen uses a variety of techniques learned academically through the National Holistic Institute, from other experienced professionals in Spas, and independently from his own experience. He is also experienced with associated tools and materials such as hot stones and cups. Also, 100% of the lotions, massage oil, and aroma therapy are organic and completely vegan.

Services: Massage

Available: Sunday – Tuesday 10 am – 8 pm

(408) 931-0455

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