Kayla Pavlicevich

Reiki Master Healer

Kayla has a very close relationship to God and sees herself as a way to bring love from heaven to earth, because God and the angels are the providers of Reiki. She believes that God has called her to help people heal through Reiki, an ability she learned from Rockie Arambula, a dear friend that helped thousands of people for 15 years. Kayla wants to touch people’s lives the way that Rockie touched hers.

Kayla first learned Reiki in 2015 and she has been practicing everyday since. She is now a Reiki Master and her intuition and genuine concern to help others through Reiki is why she is very powerful. Kayla is very passionate and loves what she does. Helping others through Reiki healing is her spiritual path.


Available: Monday – Thursday by appointment
Booking:  https://www.rockin-reiki.com/book-online

(408) 396-4073

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