Madeleine S. Harmath

Spiritual Healer

Approx. 7 years I noticed a shift start to take place in my life.  I began to explore all aspects and concepts of connecting with the Divine, in order to understand the true nature and purpose of my journey in this lifetime. This included learning about dowsing, tarot readings, auras and chakras, subtle energy bodies, past lives, spirit guides and energy healing.

During this process, I met Brian Rainie, a Master Energy Healer and teacher, who recognized the gifted healer within me. Over the course of two years, he reminded me of how to flow Divine healing energy through my Chi in order to heal another.  What an amazing gift.  To be able to funnel the healing energies of the light realms through me into another in order to excel the healing process and release the pain.

I was also fortunate to meet another Spiritual Teacher, Ashley Warrenton-Smith, who taught me emotional and spiritual healing through a program called Dancing with Source.  She teaches her students how to call upon and communicate with the Archangelic Realm, Ascended Master Realm as well as all other High Beings of Light, to facilitate healings regarding Trauma, Past Lives, Disempowering beliefs, Disempowering Rules, Family bloodline issues and much more.

Over the past 3 years I have utilized all of this knowledge to heal the following areas within myself: Lack of Self Worth, Lack of trust in Self, Being Overwhelmed, Fear of Rejection, Heartbreak, Abandonment, Struggle, Suffering, and Scarcity, just to name a few. During the course of this healing, my life has changed dramatically. Now each day is filled with love, compassion, joy, happiness, excitement, adventure, wonder and magic.

I now have the ability to heal physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of any type of negative emotional burden that we have acquired in this or any other lifetime.

It is an honor and a privilege to be called upon to serve the Divine in providing this service to help others release their negativity and shift into the light.

Services: Reiki, Advanced Cranial Sacral Healing Therapy,  Energetic Cleansing of the Areas Where You Work, Live and Play, & Forgiveness Equals Freedom

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