Transforming Negative Energy in Your Home

Do you ever walk into a room and feel a bad vibe? Your gut drops and you wonder what could be causing you to just feel bad all of a sudden.

Each of us has an energy field surrounding us that can absorb outside emotions and energy as we go about our day.

With so many toxic people and energies around us every day, it is important to have a space to come home to that is positive and allows us to refresh and refill our energy stores.

Below are 7 ways to clear the energy of any space:



Smudge with Sage, Palo Santo, or Incense

Smudging is an ancient technique used by many ancient cultures, like the Native Americans, to clear away negative energies. I recommend burning the sage or other incenses over a bowl or abalone shell to catch the ashes. Smudge all corners, windows, and doors. After you are done smudging, return the ashes to the dirt outside.





Keep Flowers or House Plants in Your Home

Plants help to return oxygen into the air and are a source of new light energy.





Music has been proven to have many therapeutic benefits. Using a drum or raffle can also help to clear the energy of a space.



Rearrange Your Home

There’s really something to spring cleaning! Take some time to clear out clutter and rearrange the furniture. Rearranging your space can bring a fresh new feel and be very therapeutic.



Crystals in your home can help to clear space, especially a clear quartz. Rose quartz can bring more love into the home. Selenite generates a comforting and relaxing space. You can get small stones to place in the corners to help clear the room.



Rock Salt Lamp

Rock salt helps to remove negative ions from the air. This helps to transform negative energy into positive energy.




Essential Oils

Diffuse essential oils to change the energy in a space. Different oils can be used to shift the energy in different ways. Lavender promotes relaxation. Sage helps to clear the space. Peppermint or citrus help to bring a fresh energy to the room.



Use any combination of these methods. With each of these methods set the intention to be transforming any negative, heavy, stagnant energies to positive, light, flowing energies.

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