Harmony Lanz

Reiki Practitioner

Harmony Lanz is an intuitive healer and guide. She uses Usui & Karuna Reiki, Tarot, and Intuitive messaging as healing modalities to serve her clients. Her readings are infused with Reiki healing and intuitive channeling.

Harmony provides a sense of deep understanding and support to her
clients in their pursuit of personal power and path. Her compassion, skill, and crystal-clear perspective supports her clients in gaining their sense of clarity and authenticity. She helps them feel supported in the work of committing to a life, work, and love that that reflects their truest, most authentic self. At times this path and its lessons are challenging and deep seated. Harmony delivers them with care and openness, showing her clients how to uncover solutions and growth in the interest of their dearest goals and desires.

Services: Reiki

Available: Friday 5pm – 8pm, Saturday and Sunday

(470) 898-9494

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