Michelle Tai, CMT

CranioSacral Therapy

Michelle has been a seeker of spirituality and self-healing from an early age. Her sensitivity to people’s energy makes her naturally empathetic and her compassionate nature prompted her to embark on the journey of healing. Her spiritual learning includes qigong, Taichi, yoga, and meditation. When she encountered CranioSacral Therapy, she knew she has found her calling. Michelle is blessed with a gifted touch. Those who have experienced treatment with her found themselves deeply relaxed under her hands and experienced better sleep and relief of congestion, headaches, and back pain, to name a few.

Michelle is a graduate of the National Holistic Institute with more than 800 hours of training in bodywork. She received her CranioSacral therapy training from the Upledger Institute. When she is not seeing clients, she enjoys walking in nature, photography, writing music, and Taiko drumming.

Text: (669)234-8487

Email: healingtouchcraniosacral@gmail.com

Web: healingtouchcraniosacraltherapy.com

CAMTC #88796

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