Be You! Beautiful, Successful, Wonderful You.

Too often, people come to me and say, “I’m always worried about what others think of me” or “I’m just not good enough.” There are so many of these thoughts, beliefs, and fears that run through so many of us. These things only hold us back from our fullest potential.

Even I struggle, I fear not being accepted and even being persecuted by others for my “weirdness.” I  mean, lets face it, not everyone decides to make spirituality and the art of healing their purpose and life path. Energy healing, crystals, and belief in angels, spirit guides, fairies and other spiritual beings, isn’t exactly accepted by the majority of people.

However, I have realized that my spirituality is what makes me feel whole. It is who I am. In a nutshell, I am a healer, a creative person, and an all out weirdo to many. It’s my purpose to help others, to see the light within themselves, to see that at our core we are all beings of love. We are all extremely unique and yet we are all one.

Not accepting yourself and loving yourself for who you are can manifest pain in many ways within your life.

If this is you, you may feel yourself in constant turmoil. Like you are fighting a battle with yourself on a daily basis to just keep going. A life without love and acceptance for yourself can bring added pain and stress. You may feel like people don’t like you, or they are always hindering you from being who you are. We find ourselves in this victim mindset, always unable to succeed.

Those who are most successful let go of what the world thinks. And you should too.

There are millions of people in this world. Each person we know has a definition for us. The only definition for you that matters is your own, The only person that stops you, is you.

Take a look inside yourself today, are you happy with yourself? Do you love yourself? Do you love the way you are living your life? Or is there a tension inside of you that says something isn’t quite right?

Self-acceptance leads to happiness. It means loving every part of you, even the dark stuff. Love your depression, love your anxiety, love you pain. Love the angry you, the sad you, the vulnerable you.

You have done the best that you can in this life. I believe you are amazing the way you are.

If you are struggling with this, you are not alone. It is okay for you to invest in your happiness. It is okay to let it go and forgive yourself.

If you are interested in digging deeper and learning more about yourself, I encourage you to try a Light Activation session. We will bring light to the things that are causing tension within you. We will work on learning to love an accept yourself. The journey to self-acceptance is something you deserve to do for yourself.

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