A deeper look at Light Activation

Light Activation is a profound experience where you dive into the core of who you are. You probably believe that you have a higher purpose and that there is more to life than our mundane, daily lives. There is something that keeps us going, I like to think of this being God or Source, some call it Buddha or Allah, and many other names. We may not agree on what to call it or how it works, but deep inside we believe in something.

With Light Activation I am helping you to discover you, at the core of who you are. Through this process you discover who you are at your core and what is blocking you from being your true self. It is a journey to be better than the person you were yesterday. To be closer to happiness, joy and peace. To be pain free. To face your fears and conquer them. To be leading your life instead of letting it lead you. Light Activation gets you involved in your life. You learn how to go after your dreams with drive and passion.

Light Activation allows you to connect with every part of yourself. From our basic needs to self-actualization. It is upgrading you, constantly, through attention to your personal growth.

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