3 Reasons Why We Don’t Take Care of Ourselves and Why We Should

Let’s be honest, life is full of excuses not to do things. Too often, I see people put themselves on the back burner while they are overworked and stressed. In Silicon Valley, we loose balance in our lives easily as we live in a high stress, go, go, go mentality. I’ve heard countless reasons people don’t take care of themselves and I think its time for that to change. Even if all you can find is 15 minutes in a day, take it and use it. That being said, here are 5 reasons why you don’t take care of yourself and why you should:

  1. It’s not important to us.

    I don’t think there’s to many of us out there that actually think self care isn’t important. Yet, you may not make it a priority in your life. Self care is important for your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Without self care, your relationships with others can suffer tremendously. Some people think it’s selfish or inconsiderate. However, self care actually makes you more effective and energetic. When you avoid things that make you feel physically and mentally well, you deplete your confidence and self esteem. Self care is important to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself.

  2. We need to work hard to earn a living.
    do less.jpg
    People seem to think that in order to make a lot of money we need to work hard. This isn’t necessarily true. Creation comes from the mind. You can literally think into existence what you want, because when you want something bad
    enough, life tends to show you the way. Plus there are plenty of ways to take care of yourself on a budget. You can work out at home instead of at the gym; eating healthy can be just as affordable as eating cheap, especially if you pack your own lunches, and taking 15 minutes a day to meditate is FREE! If your excuse is “there’s not enough money” then self care may not be a priority for you because it is ALWAYS a possibility!

    Massage is just too expensive!.PNG

  3. We’re too busy.

    Again, I see this as a question of priorities. Too often we just don’t make the time in our schedules. But somehow we find time for everyone and everything else. If you want to make the time you will. Give up a lunch date or a night out with friends. Talk to others around you and ask them how they can help you fit self care into your schedule. If your a mom, maybe you can swap babysitting days with a friend. Be okay with not doing everything on your to do list, because if you were to die tomorrow and you did something for yourself instead of cleaning the kitchen, would that not make you happier?

No more excuses! It’s time to take care of yourself!

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