You are not alone.

You may have noticed that this week has had an uneasy and unknown energy to it. You may feel like the world seems to be crashing in around you. I want you to know, you are not alone!

Collectively the world is going through some pretty heavy things right now. We have an election at hand that seems pretty dismal and negativity is constantly being thrown in our face. Each day I hear about more struggles that each of my clients and friends are having. I can even tell  you myself, that the world doesn’t seem to be full of rainbows and butterflies right now. In fact, this week has been draining and I have had to accept that my body and psyche need rest. However, it has also been full of blessings.

This week for me has been a roller coaster of emotion for me. I spent the last couple of weeks struggling with feeling drained and questioning my life purpose. I have had emotional breakdowns that have led to me needing to take time away from work and on top of it spent the end of this week battling a cold. At the same time, this week I got to experience the miracle of life, as I got to be there for the delivery of my best friends baby boy. Unfortunately, we have had to see this precious baby go through health complications most of us won’t deal with our entire lives. I have also had experiences of divine interventions, divine timing, and amazing realizations. It is those small things that I cling to in hard times. It reminds me that God will never give me more than I can handle, forces me to acknowledge where I am at and accept it, and helps me realize although things may be hard there are still things we can learn.

This week I urge all of you who are struggling to check in with yourselves and accept how you are feeling. It is completely okay for you to be exactly where you are at right now. Look for the lessons in each day and take baby steps to get yourself where you want to be. Anything can be manifested with a little bit of work and a lot of learning to feel.

In the meantime, if you need anything I am here.

Your guide and friend in healing and love,


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